Cassinias have a number of common names like Stinkjack,Dogwood,Bush Cauliflower

They can be individual plants or dense communities.When in flower they are heavily scented which attracts a multitude of insect species which no doubt provide food for birds and other animals.

In a healthy ecosystem they are a component of the bush but can spread quickly in disturbed areas and this has led to C.arcuata being classified a noxious weed in it's natural habitat (The problem here is land use not the plant itself)

The species represented here are from The Southern highlands of N.S.W. Australia which has a very diverse range of soil type,climate and habitat.

Temperature ranges between -15deg C to +42deg C and rainfall between 24" to 50" p.a.

Species Common Name Uses Comment
aculeata Stinkjack,Bush Cauliflower Reveg. Understory to open Positions
arcuata Drooping Cassinia,Sifton Bush Planting In Some Regions Of N.S.W. May be Illegal Open Positions Mostly With Eucalyptus Macrorhyncha
longifolia Shiny Cassinia Ornamental,Reveg. Usually Higher Elevations
quinquefaria Cassinia Reveg. Understory to Open Positions.

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