The genus Eucalyptus is one of the best known of Australian plants.

It comprises of over 600 species from Australia and New Guinea and represented are some of the best Hardwood timbers in the world as well as some great ornamentals,shade,shelter and utility trees.

The species represented here are from The Southern highlands of N.S.W. Australia which has a very diverse range of soil type,climate and habitat.

Temperature ranges between -15deg C to +42deg C and rainfall between 24" to 50" p.a.

Species Common Name Uses Comment
agglomerata Blue Leaf stringybark Mill Timber,Posts,Firewood Poor Skeletal Soils of Hilltops
aggregata Black Gum Shade,Shelter,Honey Frosty Creek Flats,Saline Areas
amplifolia Cabbage Gum Firewood,Ornamental Frosty Flats,Woodland,Saline Areas
blakelyi Blakely's Redgum Firewood,Habitat,Fencing woodland
bosistoana Coast Grey Box Posts,Poles,Firewood Poor Clay Soils.Very Hardy.Very Large Tree
bridgesiana Apple Box Shade,Habitat Poor To Fertile Soils
cinerea Argyle Apple Attractive Ornamental With Blue/GreenOrbicular Leaves Heavy Clay Soils
cypellocarpa Monkey Gum Fencing,Construction Wide Range of Soils/ Usually Montane
consideniana Yertchuk Fencing ,Firewood Poorly Drained Sandy Soils
dalrympleana Mountain Gum joinery Tall Forests
dealbata Tumble -Down Redgum firewood Stony Hills
dives Broad Leaf Peppermint Leaf Oils Cineole and Piperitone Widely Varied Habitats
elata River peppermint Joinery, Along Creeks or Tall Open Forest
eugenioides Thin Leaf Stringybark Fencing ,Firewood,Mill Timber Moderately Fertile Soils
fastigata Brown Barrel Mill Timber Better Quality Loams
globoidea White Stringybark Posts,Poles,Firewood,Honey Loams and Clay Soils With some Shelter
globulus Blue Gum General Construction,Ornamental Most Soil Types with Adequate Moisture
goniocalyx Long Leaf Box Habitat Woodland
gregsoniana Wolgan Snow Gum Low Windbreaks,Ornamental (Mallee Form of Snow Gum) Skeletal Loams
gummifera Red Bloodwood Poles,Sleepers,Mine Props Various Sites
kartsoffiana Araluen Gum Timber Quality Not Known,Attractive Blue/Green Foliage Fast Growing in Heavy Loams with some Shelter
macarthurii Paddy's River Box Fast Growing Shelter Tree Prefers Moderately Fertile Clay/Loams(Does Not Like Saline Areas
macrorhyncha Red Stringybark Firewood,Honey Clay Soils
mannifera Snappy Gum Firewood,Honey,Ornamental Fast Growing,Hardy,Poor Soils and Exposed Areas
melliodora Yellow Box Firewood,Posts,Poles,Honey Heavy/Sandy Alluvials and Loams
moorei Narrow Leaf Sally Ornamental,Other ? Mallee Form related to E.stellulata
muellerana Yellow Sringybark Posts, Poles,Sleepers,Firewood Tall Open Forests
nortonii Long Leaf Box Not Known Colder areas than E.goniocalyx
ovata SwampGum Important Habitat Tree of mostly Poorly Drained Areas Mostly Creek Flats
paniculata Grey Iron Bark Turning,heavy Construction Poor Well Drained Sites as well as Moderately Fertile Loams
parvula(parvifolia) Small Leafed Gum Very Attractive Ornamental With Small Green Leaves Rare and Endemic Sub Alpine Creek Flats
pauciflora Snowgum Shelter for Creekbanks and Cold Areas Frosty areas to Alpine Habitat
piperita var.urceolaris Sydney peppermint Not Known (Bird/Possum Habitat ?) Sandy Soils
polyanthemos RedBox Posts,Firewood,Honey Poor Stony Clays To Moderately Fertile Loams
punctata Grey gum Hard Heavy durable Timber Moderately Fertile to Poor Soils
radiata Narrow Leaf Peppermint Fencing,Construction Varied Soil Types
rossii Scribbly Gum Firewood,Habitat Poor Skeletal Hilltops
rubida Candlebark Firewood,Habitat Heavy Clay Soils,Frosty Areas
sieberi Silver Top Ash Firewood,Pulp,Durable Out Of The Ground Prefers Poorer Soils
smithii Gully Gum As Per viminalis Modrately Fertile
stellulata Black Sally Habitat,Creek Bank Protection Mostly Loams.Frosty to Alpine Areas
stricta Blue Mountains Mallee Ornamental Sandstones
tereticornis Forest Red Gum Posts,Poles,Heavy Engineering Koala Habitat Moderately Fertile Soils
viminalis Ribbon/Manna Gum Ornamental,Koala Habitat,Framing,Flooring,Joinery Alluvial Loams to Fertile Pastures


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