The genus Leptospermum are much under used for revegetation and can be very useful for this purpose.

Some are are quite attractive at flowering and keep pollinating insects busy.

The species represented here are from The Southern highlands of N.S.W. Australia which has a very diverse range of soil type,climate and habitat.

Temperature ranges between -15deg C to +42deg C and rainfall between 24" to 50" p.a.

Species Common Name Uses Comment
arachnoides Spider Tea Tree Reveg In Damp Areas Over Bedrock As With Most Spiny Plants Favoured By Small Birds
attenuatum Paperbark Tea Tree Shrub To Small Tree 6m,Ornamental,Reveg Usually Sandy Soils
brevipes Tea Tree Reveg. Understory Of Open Woodland or More Open Positions
continentale Prickly Tea Tree Reveg. Moist Areas Or Creek Sands
juniperinum Prickly Tea Tree Reveg. Open Areas Of Clay To Loamy Soils
lanigerum Wooly Tea Tree Reveg,Ornamental,Usually Small Tree Moderately Fertile Soaks And Creek Lines
myrtifolium Swamp/Myrtle Tea Tree Reveg. Of Swampy Flats Swampy Flats,Forms Closed Communities
obovatum River Tea Tree Reveg. of Dam Spillways And Watercourses Sands to Clay Soils
phylicoides (now known as Kunzea ericoides) Burgan Reveg. Alluviums To Loams
polygalifolium(formerly L. flavescens) Yellow Tea Tree Slender Shrub To Small Multistemmed Tree Sandy Soils
rotundifolium Round Leaf Tea Tree Ornamental,Reveg. Showy White To Pink Flowers Usually Shallow Soils Over Sandstones

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